The Democrat Party Healthcare Grab


by Lainie Sloane

Before you read this, please watch Kathleen Sebilus on Jon Stewart’s show saying that with ObamaCare, they are bringing western civilization to its knees. Yes, she said that—perhaps with sarcasm, but she’s speaking from her demonic heart.

After watching her smug undertone of describing ObamaCare as “private insurance,” and “market based” (certainly not free market-based), there is something terribly satisfying about watching the ACA get the negative reactions we are seeing from those affected by the Affordable Care Act. The inner child in me wants to say, “Nah, nah, nah, we told you so.”

The name itself is a joke and I have an automatic choking reaction when I see the words “Affordable Health Care Act” in print.

When it was first labeled ObamaCare, I kind of liked it because it was rather sarcastic and threw the big joke back on the liar who signed the bill into law— that is, until Governor Romney told Barack Hussein Obama in a debate that he used the term ObamaCare with respect, and Obama replied that he “liked the label”. Of course Mr. Narcissist would like it…

Before the twenty and thirty-something’s received their new premiums, I read they liked the name ObamaCare too, because they think Obama “cares about them”. (Choking again…)

And did you know that ObamaCare is now the “law of the land”? The political pundits for the Progressives will repeatedly tell you that over and over and over. Did you know that “both parties voted for it”? No? They’re telling us that lie, too. When it came up for a vote the first time, not a single Republican voted for it.

The lawsuits against the healthcare takeover continue because it doesn’t even resemble the law prior to the Justices’ rewrite. It can still be repealed. Polls show the majority of Americans do not want this “you can keep your own doctor,” “force a gun to our heads” law that has not only increased premiums and forced layoffs, but takes money from Medicare.

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