The Democrat Party in Denial: Placing Blame Everywhere but Where it Belongs


Make a list of everyone the Democrat Party has blamed for their 2016 electoral loss (it may actually be easier to make a list of everyone they haven’t blamed) and you’ll find one interesting name not on the list… Hillary Clinton.

On Monday the National Journal’s Ron Fournier exposed this problem with one simple tweet:

The folks at MSNBC’s Morning Joe used the Fournier tweet as a jumping off point to an important discussion about the Democrat Party’s seemingly constant state of denial, wondering why they would choose to blame anyone (and everyone) not named Hillary Clinton.

If you’re keeping track since her loss on November 8th, Hillary Clinton’s Democrat supporters (and the media, but I repeat myself) have blamed the FBI, James Comey, the media, Russian hackers, Vladimir Putin, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, President Barack Obama, and the voters themselves.

On Morning Joe Elise Jordan, a former advisor to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), makes an astute point when she notes that the Democrats seem to be laying the groundwork to repeat all of their recent mistakes. She argues that by choosing to ignore the real problem with the 2016 election, the Democrats are setting themselves up for a tremendous failure come 2018.

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