Demicans And Republicrats, Will Anything In DC Change?


With the recent 2014 election one would hope that change is really on the horizon, but the vote for a CR Omnibus budget during the lame duck session once again proves the DC elites are cut from the same cloth and opposed to any change that will challenge their power base. By passing the budget bill the old effectively neutered the new Senate and House members until September or the new fiscal year. For all the Speaker of the house promised, he did nothing but deliver a bill to the president that not only funded Obamacare, illegals, pet projects, and out of control spending, he claimed it was all in the name of avoiding a shutdown. Personally I feel the government works most efficiently during a shutdown as they don’t create any more problems for us working stiffs. The GOP got majorities in the House in 2010 and the House and Senate in the last election because of the resounding response against the president and his policies. Yet Boehner, McConnell, McCain and all the other establishment types, in the spirit of cooperation, are giving the administration everything it wants. They are also on the war path to rid the GOP of conservatives and Tea Party types, even though it was conservatives and Tea Party types that delivered majorities to both houses. The majorities were not delivered based on wanting more establishment or GOP policies but rather because voters are fed up with progressive ideas and policies. The progressive ideology in DC is like a cancer that has infected the whole body and needs removed if the House and Senate are to survive. Progressives in both parties are so accustomed to lying that they tell the American people what they are going to do and then do just the opposite. To make matters worse the GOP continues to ignore the conservative base and push for a more moderate progressive ideology. All that has got them was a loss with Dole, McCain, and Romney and the losses will continue to pile up if they run Jeb or Romney again. The middle looks the same whatever party you’re in, and the GOP desire to be Democrat lite will bring about a third party. Is there a Reagan conservative out there?

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