Dem. Tim Kaine Turns Vice Presidential Debate Into Bickerfest


The one impression America came away with as the first and only vice presidential debate ended on Tuesday night, October 4, was that Democrat candidate Tim Kaine was more like a yip-yapping Chihuahua instead of the Pitbull that a second chair running mate should be. But he also figured as the perfect running mate for the biggest liar and crook ever to run for the White House because he threw one lie after another at his opponent.

As the debate came to a conclusion several of the flash polls and focus groups said that GOP candidate Mike Pence easily won the debate because he seemed calm, cool and collected. They also said he was more focused, tried to stay within the debate rules, and was far less hyper and contentious than his Democrat rival.

A panel of undecided voters from Ohio, for instance, felt Kaine came off poorly during his bout with Pence. One even called him a “jerk” for interrupting up to 70 times during the debate.

In fact, there is already a video showing the dozens of times Kaine talked past his time and tried to shout down his opponent during his opponent’s time.

Kaine interrupted so much that the transcript of the debate is almost impossible to follow.

Then there was that odd time early in the debate when Kaine interrupted Pence (again) and the moderator, CBS anchor Elaine Quijano, tried desperately to get Kaine to shut up long enough for Mike Pence to finish a sentence.

After Quijano told Kaine to clam up he gave her the most sexist grin and a wink that you can imagine. If Pence had done something like that it would have been all the left could talk about today.

But aside from appearing like a petulant interrupter, Kaine was more insidious by unleashing a torrent of half truths and lies against Pence and Donald Trump over and over again.

For instance, early in the debate, Kaine insisted that raising the minimum wage to never before seen heights would somehow save the economy. But study after study has shown the opposite. Huge hikes in the minimum wage kills jobs.

As an example, one study found that the wage hike in Seattle caused workers to lose hours and benefits and they either ended up making the same they were making before the wage hike or even less.

Kaine also used inaccurate figures to tout Obama’s failing economy when he said Obama has “created 15 million jobs” during his 8 years as president. Unfortunately for for team Hillary, no facts back this up.

Even the liberal Washington Post fact checked this claim and found it to be false.

“The Clinton campaign is clearly fond of saying that 15 million jobs — or, alternatively, 15 million private-sector jobs — were created in the Obama administration,” the paper wrotein August. ” Clinton frequently indicates that she’s talking about the entire Obama administration. She uses phrases such ‘than when they took office’ or ‘in the last 7 1/2 years.’ But that’s 5 million jobs too many.”

Kaine next lied when he said all past Republican presidential candidates released their tax returns to the general public, especially citing President Richard Nixon. But the fact is when Nixon was running in 1968 he only allowed reporters to see his returns in person but never allowed them to make copies and he certainly never released them to the general public. Again, even the left-wing Politifact said Kaine’s claim is a lie.

Another amazingly obtuse statement made by the Democrat nominee was when Kaine said terrorism is not that big of a deal because of the “success” the nation has had fighting terrorism thanks to the Clinton/Obama foreign policy plan. It was truly a bizarre claim.

Kaine said this despite the near monthly terror attacks inside the U.S. homeland and that of its western allies perpetrated by ISIS and its so-called “lone wolf” operatives.

And another Kaine lie: While on the topic of national security, GOP nominee Pence logically insisted that it is a major mistake to put security in the hands of a woman who sponsored an illegal private email server hidden in her house, a server which hackers could have easily (and probably did) obtain the classified information she and her staff (AND the President himself) sent over it. Pence noted that if he or Senator Kaine would have done something similar they’d have ended up in jail.

In reply, Democrat Tim Kaine laughably lied saying that FBI director Comey would not have prosecuted others doing the same thing.

But Mike Pence was 100% right. Even as he decided not to bother recommending that Hillary be prosecuted for her email crime, he also noted that if someone else tried what Hillary did he would go after them with everything he has.

Here is exactly what Comey said about similar cases:

To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions but that’s not what we are deciding here.

So, Kaine simply lied. Comey did not say what Kaine said he did.

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