Dem Seeks Office By Vowing to Keep Sub-standard Abortion Clinics Open


by Carly Hill

I hate it when people generalize a political party and imply that all members who align themselves with a particular party are like…that guy. I know that I’d hate it if someone saw that I was a registered Republican and assumed that I was like John McCain. Now, I wouldn’t mind being paired up with Rand Paul, but anyway – my point is, you can’t generalize.

However, when it comes to intensely serious issues like the issue of abortion, hearing the comment of a pro-choicer can give you a lot of insight into how the pro-choice group thinks, as a whole. That goes both ways, in my opinion. Hearing the argument of a pro-life person will give you a good idea as to why there are so many in this country who are appalled by abortion.

Remember when Romney was running for President last year (moment of sad silence) and the big scandal was his “47%” comment – where he implied that half the country wanted to live off the hard work of the rest of the country and that the 47% group of moochers couldn’t be reached? I really don’t see what was offensive about that statement. He didn’t say that everyone who uses government assistance is a moocher. He was saying that there exists a large portion of our country that could work but doesn’t. They want free stuff and they don’t want to work for it. That’s just…truth. A snapshot of human nature.

Anyway – you probably haven’t heard about the recent hidden video recording of Virginia Democrat gubernational candidate, Terry McAuliffe, and his true feelings on abortion. In this video, he was caught on tape saying that if elected, he’d issue a directive that would unilaterally let abortion clinics that don’t meet health standards stay open.

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