Dem billionaire Tom Steyer has plan to ‘suppress GOP vote’ in midterms: Where is MSM, liberal outrage?


by Jeff Dunetz

In September, Politico ran an article about a memo it had obtained from Tom Steyer’s Next Gen PAC. The article amounted to so much free publicity for the billionaire donor to Democratic causes that Harry Reid likes to pretend doesn’t exist as he rails on upon Republican excesses.

In particular, the Politico piece addressed a section of the Next Gen memo that explained how attacks against the Koch brothers would be effective in helping Democrats win the midterm elections. But its author, Maggie Haberman, conveniently website omitted the section of the memo where Steyer’s group outlines its goal to “suppress Republican votes” in 2014 just as it did during the recent Virginia gubernatorial elections.

An attempt to suppress the GOP vote would seem to be an important news story, especially because voter suppression is a common complaint among Democratic candidates and their enablers in the media.

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