Repealing Obamacare Depends on Public Understanding


The problem with repealing ObamaCare is that every bill enacted by House Republicans dies on the vine in the Senate.

Recent sobering revelations about the Affordable Care Act’s implementation make crystal clear that this law is deeply flawed and will wreck havoc on citizens, job creation and the federal budget. But Senate Democrats under Majority Leader
Harry Reid make sure that no legislation from the House, up to and including full repeal, goes any further than the doors of the Senate.

When Barack Obama illegally delayed, by fiat, Big Business requirements under ObamaCare for a year–in contravention of the very legislation he rammed through Congress–the House passed the measure in actual legislation. The President then vowed to veto the constitutionally correct approach to such a change in existing law but he needn’t have bothered—Harry Reid buried the bill.

Now, House and Senate figures as well as many conservative organizations—including mine—are asking John Boehner to defund ObamaCare in a “must pass” bill like the Continuing Resolution or Debt Ceiling extension. These cannot be ignored by Harry Reid or Barack Obama and are a direct consequence of the Senate ignoring widespread public concerns as well as House legislation.

John Boehner and the House leadership will be vilified by some groups if they refuse this demand but they may be blamed by the general public if such an impasse with the White House and Senate leads to a shutdown of the government. It is a no-win political moment coming to the desk of Mr. Boehner…unless.

Many serious problems with the design and implementation of ObamaCare have become even more obvious in recent months but have gone largely unreported by the mainstream media. As the public comes to understand just how deeply flawed is this legislation and how profoundly it may affect their own lives, defunding could begin to look like a very responsible action by the House.

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