The Deep State’s Target Is Not Michael Flynn; He Was Just the Beginning [VIDEO]


A leak got Flynn removed as National Security Adviser, but the Deep State’s target is ultimately Donald Trump.

Michael Flynn was the first checkmark on the Deep State’s target list. Here’s a tweet from a Politico reporter that I think is quite accurate:

Who are these “security officials”? We will never be told. Unelected and unaccountable, yet they have the power to attack the White House for daring to attempt to establish the policies that Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail. This anonymous group with their elite backers and media propagandists are why I am calling it the Deep State.

Who will be the Deep State’s target, now that Flynn is gone? Kellyanne Conway? Steve Bannon?

Ultimately, there can be no doubt that the Deep State’s target is Donald Trump himself. Lindsey Graham, an election loser but a powerful agent of the Deep State made that clear to CNN. According to the Talking Points Memo:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Tuesday that he wants to know if somebody on President Donald Trump’s transition team “directed” former national security adviser Michael Flynn to discuss sanctions in a call with Russia’s ambassador to the United States

“I want to know, did General Flynn do this by himself or was he directed by somebody to do it?” Graham said in an interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

He said that he has not “seen the transcripts” of Flynn’s conversations with with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak before Trump took office.

“I think Congress needs to be informed of what actually General Flynn said to the Russian ambassador about lifting sanctions,” Graham said. “Did he say anything at all or is this just being spun by the media?”

Flynn resigned from his role as White House national security adviser late Monday after questions arose about conversations he had with the Russian ambassador before Trump’s inauguration.

Current and former U.S. officials told several news outlets last week that Flynn and Kislyak discussed U.S. sanctions during one call, contradicting members of Trump’s administration, including Vice President Mike Pence, who previously denied that they did.

See the video HERE

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