Deception by Omission


The new anti-Stand Your Ground video is a perfect example of Deception by Omission… which is also, by the way, what most mainstream media is guilty of doing on a daily basis in their presentation of the news.

In addition, as usual, the left uses emotion rather than facts to present their side in a video that has clearly circumvented the facts presented during the Zimmerman trial in order to appeal to the uneducated, ill-informed liberal masses who are looking for excuses to remove guns and any form of self defense from all law abiding Americans.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is responsible for this latest, most blatantly IRRESPONSIBLE, dishonest, propaganda to hit the airwaves. They call it a “re-enactment”. It is not. A re-enactment is supposed to be an accurate depiction of events in a situation based on facts presented.

To say this video is dishonest is the understatement of the year.

What the video shows: Zimmerman following Martin, a woman talking to police looking out her window, a gunshot, the woman screaming, “Oh my God” and finally the ground covered with dead hooded youths similar in appearance to Martin.

What the video DOES NOT show: Zimmerman being assaulted, his head bashed and six women finding him not guilty.

The Coalition never had credibility to begin with so, clearly, they felt they had nothing to lose by producing a video that is an inaccurate depiction of how things really went down between Martin and Zimmerman.

The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence wants to eliminate the Stand Your Ground Law… In other words, when a law abiding American is under attack, this Coalition wants to force all of us to behave as most liberals would in a similar situation, cower and take the beating, or run like a coward if you can get away, even if you are on your own property.

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