Debunking The Media Lies About Hillary’s Benghazi Video Lie


In one of best moments during the Wednesday debate Marco Rubio criticized the mainstream media for declaring former Secretary of State Clinton totally debunked the “charges” against her about Benghazi despite the fact that Ms. Clinton was shown to have lied about the lousy YouTube video supposedly being the cause of the attack. But the Media is pushing back.

According to the MSM it doesn’t matter that in the immediate aftermath of the attack Clinton told the leaders of Libya and Egypt, along with her daughter that the event in Benghazi was a terror attack while she told the U.S. voters and more importantly the families of the four people who were killed that it was a spontaneous riot because of a blasphemous anti-Muslim video. They contend that there was much confusion at the time and Hillary’s Benghazi lies were what she actually believed at the time.

Allow me to suggest that if any of those reporters, columnist removed their heads from the former First Lady’s pooper and research the available information they would be agreeing that a liar like Ms. Clinton has forfeited any chance if moving back to the White House.

According to congressional testimony given by former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya Greg Hicks, he spoke to Ms. Clinton around 2 AM the evening of  the attack (from Tripoli)  he told her the embassy was under assault.  At no time did Hicks (or any one else involved) mention a protest or a YouTube video. Remember the President was still blaming well after the attack when he spoke to the UN. Months later Hicks was told not to speak to Congressman Chaffetz (R-UT) alone unless State Department attorney needed to be in the room. After Ambassador Rice gave the bull story about the video on national TV five times, Hicks called the Department to inquire why she giving that false account which lead to him being reamed out and demoted.

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