Debate Moderators Interrupt Trump Twice As Many Times As Hillary


Debate moderators Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Martha Raddatz (ABC) interrupted Republican nominee Donald Trump much more than they did Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during Sunday’s presidential town hall.

Trump was interrupted 26 times, compared with Clinton’s comparatively small 12 interruptions throughout the course of the debate Sunday evening.

The majority of the interruptions took place after a Clinton response, when Trump attempted to answer claims made by the Democratic nominee. During some exchanges, moderators interrupted the Republican nominee up to four times as Trump tried to respond.

Trump tried to make up for the deficit when he interrupted Clinton nine times in the first 20 minutes of the debate, breaking his initial calm demeanor.

Moderator Lester Holt interrupted Trump 42 times during the first debate, the majority of which took place during an exchange about Trump’s alleged former support for the Iraq War.

In addition to interrupting, Cooper and Raddatz were far more aggressive in questioning Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, according to Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz.

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