DEAR WHITE DEVILS: You Can’t Call Black Rioters ‘Thugs’ Any Longer


Think about it: Just as the NYT, SNL and CNN were hot on her slim shady slime trail of corrupt cash, lawyer tricks, email BS and weapons grade Hildebeest Tomfoolery, BOOM … Baltimore is burnin’!  Hallelujah! Salvation! I bet that old, corrupt Jezebel was so happy she cooked up two batches of witch’s brew in celebration of the mayhem the thugs wrought last week in the Orioles’ home town.

Uh, oh.  My bad.  I forgot that after this past week we may no longer refer to destructive, looting and pillaging blacks as “thugs” because “thugs”, according to the Speech Nazis, is now verboten.  Indeed, starting right now, in keeping with The Leftists’ New Rules, the term “thug” is the equivalent of the “N-word” and thus, anyone who floats that word must be “a racist”. Which is weird because I, Whitey Whitebread, have used thug to describe white trash who trash crap just for the helluva it.

Being both confused and inquisitive, I googled up the word “thug” to see if it had diddly to do with the gnarly N-word.  What I found was that thug owes it’s origin to early 19th century India were gangs of idiots murdered, robbed and strangled their Indian victims.  The word then got adopted by us Yankees and broadened to describe low-lifers who were stupid, violent and consistent violators of the law, which means, low-and-behold, it has nada to do with the N-bomb or blacks. That said, we should not pay attention to the etymology of the word because, you see, the Leftists are gods and we must bow and kiss their ring.

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