Dear Mr. President: Here are the REAL reasons your poll numbers are sinking.


by Katie Abercrombie

Dear Mr. President,

In your recent interview with The New Yorker, you stated that your plummeting poll numbers are a result of “[the fact]that there’s (sic) some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black President.” Well, there may very well be some folks like that. However, could it be that many people, having had the opportunity to experience five years of your leadership, just plain do not approve of your policies? Perhaps many of us, most of us older, white (and other) voters knew enough not to vote for you in the first place. We realized that leftist economic and social policies (which you advocate and have shoved down our throats like we thought you would) just don’t work, and often make problems worse. Your policies and behavior in office have been even worse than expected and your approval ratings are a just reflection of your performance in office. What could be causing your low poll numbers, if not racism? Here are a few possibilities:

1) You allowed Americans to die in Benghazi without support that was available. You could not even be bothered to stay up that night to stay informed; then, you hopped a plane to Vegas for a fundraiser the next day. In addition, you and your administration lied to the American people about the attack and led us to believe that you had no idea that it was a planned terrorist attack.

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