The Day Hippies Realized Communism Sucks


by T.M. Burroughs

“You’re going to see very quickly the problems when you try to do things Soviet style. When you’re using universally rejected planning economy theory, you’re going to reap disaster.”

Question: Who said this?
A: Right-wing conservative Tea Party candidate in 2014 Primary
B: Pro-growth economist in 1978
C: Hippie who opened a legal Marijuana Store in Washington State on Monday

If you guessed “C” – then you win a pot-laced cookie! That’s right – I’ve always said you show me a liberal who just opened a small business and I’ll show you a conservative the next day.

That being said..

Hippies Rejoice! Marijuana has been legalized in Washington state.

Does that mean that weed chains will open on every corner boasting “Seattle’s Best,” employing hundreds of pot-istas, and stylized joint boutiques will open in artsy old town? And former hippies will break out their love beads and flower garlands to pedal hashish?

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