Data Mining is about Government Control


Geraldo was on TV the other night asking a Republican congressman over and over again, “Why does it matter if the government has data on everyone?” The politician gave a weak non-answer. So I’ll answer Geraldo. Data Mining allows The Government to control, silence, threaten, jail or kill innocent U.S. citizens by misusing the info. That’s the answer. Tyranny.

Obamacare is data mining our health records. NSA is data mining our emails, phone calls. Common Core will have children reporting on parents. The Government has the private information of every citizen. So…

The government could take away the gun rights of a citizen who say, takes “anti-anxiety” medication, or visited a psychiatrist, or therapist, citing “mental health issues” as the reason one cannot own a gun. “Mental Illness.”

The government can could call a citizen an “extremist,” a “dissident”, “a danger to society,” if they have ties to any political groups that are not Obama-sanctioned or George Soros-related. Biden, Pelosi and Obama have already called the Tea Party “terrorists.” The government can use this information to silence, jail or eliminate innocent Americans.

Huff Po’s John Pavley says Data Mining can be used for good. He explains, if a red flag goes up at your credit card company because you went bowling all of a sudden, and you never bowl, (hinting that maybe your card was stolen), couldn’t a red flag go up when someone like the Aurora shooter suddenly buys 6,000 rounds of ammunition through the internet? Yes.

And, a red flag could go up to show those who do not support the “Collectivist” Progressive Movement toward Global Governance that has crept into the EPA, IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, Education System, etc. That would be me.

I flag myself now, just like in 2009 when I was supposed to report on my friends and neighbors who did not support Obamacare. I was told to report them at [email protected] I reported myself twice.

As Ann Barnhardt would say, “Come and get me.” I will not worship the government. I will not be silenced.

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