Cruzing and Burning


Ted Cruz completely owned Bernie Sanders in the CNN debate on the “future” of Obamacare. Ted Cruz was confident and astute in presenting his arguments, whereas Sanders continuously had to keep on going back to insidious Socialist rhetoric and ad hominem attacks by insinuating that Cruz wants to “kill the elderly”. Sanders’ posture was closed, tight, hunched, and did not radiate confidence the way Cruz’s body language did.

It is quite obvious that Obamacare is a disaster. Premiums are way, way up, and health care has become almost unaffordable, and have really hurt a lot of businesses. It really, really showed in the election last year. It was just amazing how Cruz pulled up a map showing the 70% of the counties in America which had only one or two health care options, and also which resembled pretty closely the electoral map. Time and time again, liberals demand free everything, health care for everyone, minimum wage, except that there’s a trade-off in that if businesses are forced to cover more health care and higher wages, this can only be done by shrinking businesses and taking jobs away in order to cover the surplus.

What was especially heinous was how Sanders attacked the woman who asked the third question, the hairstylist from Texas, informing her that she has no options but will be forced to pay more, which will hurt her business. Sort of like what Gordon Bajnai, Socialist prime minister of Hungary for a single year told the nation: “It’s going to hurt”. In other words, feel the Bern.

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