Criminals and Sexual Predators Love Gun Control, Just Ask Andrew Cuomo


by Tony Oliva

I think it it finally coming together, the reasoning WHY New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is so enamored by gun control that he broke procedure, hijacked the legislative process and jammed the SAFE Act down the throats of New Yorkers in the dead of night; he’s a criminal.

You see, Andrew Cuomo has been called the Patron Saint of Wife Beaters and Rapists for his track record of letting men off the hook who have abused women. Women, mind you, that might have had the ability to change the circumstances had they been armed.

Going back to the year BEFORE he was governor, then Attorney General Cuomo, let admitted wife beater Judge James Peck off the hook. Why exactly did Cuomo choose to engage in Honest Services Fraud with his corrupt use of prosecutorial discretion? This minute long video from 2010 clears it up concisely:

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