Crappy Deal Reached – Let’s Keep Nagging, America!


by Carly Hill

As a kid, I usually got my way. My parents would say no, and so I’d ask over and over again every day until I wore them down. As a newlywed, I did the same thing and my husband pointed it out. Oops.

Being a nag is not exactly a good thing…unless you’re fighting for what is right.

I don’t know about you, but I am so SICK and TIRED of this bickering in Washington. So, a deal has been reached. A deal that basically gives Democrats exactly what they wanted in the first place (surprise surprise) however there is one wonderfully brilliant amendment that Republicans threw in. Congress and the White House have to do what they are forcing the American people to do – that being to enroll in Obamacare themselves.

When Obamacare got passed, the White House and Congress were exempt. Do as I say, not as I do. That setup creates an elite class of government officials who are above the law – so very anti-America.

So, here’s what sucks. If the Senate accepts the House’s proposal including the stipulation that Washington must enroll in Obamacare, without subsidies, Democrats are still getting everything they want. Politicians might not be too happy (although seriously – you don’t think the President can make a phone call and have a free doctor on his doorstep in seconds?), but Democrats in general will have gotten exactly what they wanted and the American people are still going to suffer with Obamacare.

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