Cracking Down On Drunk Driving


My brother-in-law could have died last night. Thirty minutes from home a drunken man totaled his car. Construction slowed the traffic, but the man’s drunken body kept him from slowing his car. At 50 miles per hour the car of the drunk man plowed into my helpless, brother-in-law’s car. Amazingly he walked away with minor injuries as the other man left in handcuffs.

When will they crack down? It is obvious that there are thousands of drunk drivers out every night putting innocent people in serious harm. Why has there not been something drastically changed about drunk driving? While many solutions exist, the most effective solution is simply to go all in. Crack down on drunk driving immediately, intensively, and as thoroughly as possible. Shift the focus from less important and less consequential problems to a clearly dangerous and very imminent problem.

I am a problem solver, and there is a huge problem. I am not only here to inform Americans of what they should know, but what could ultimately save their own life. A huge problem requires a huge solution, and while that may sound overwhelming at first, it is simple, just one step at a time. Being informed is the beginning step. If you are on the roads late or early in the morning, there will be drunk drivers. Secondly, law enforcement needs to crack down hard. Ireland has made it a serious issue with very strict consequences. As a result, the number of drunk drivers has decreased significantly. Increasing the consequences of DUI will work. Even with greater consequences drunk driving will still remain, and that is where law enforcement cracks down. Strictly monitoring the roads in the late night hours can clean up our streets even more. It is also everyone’s personal duty as an American to do your own part. Never let the intoxicated behind the wheel. It may be a struggle, but your fellow Americas will thank you.

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