Cover-Up: Supermarket Uses ‘Censor Screen’ to Block Cover of Tabloid with Trump’s Picture


“This content is rated N, for ‘Nobody.’ The images and text within are not appropriate for any viewer and therefore will be suppressed.”

That’s the message implicit in the action take by a Publix supermarket in Lee County, Fla., which placed a sheet of frosted white laminate over an issue of the National Enquirer on a display rack that bears a photograph of President-elect Donald Trump, along with the headline “Trump Takes Charge.”


According to Fox affiliate WFTX the “censor screen” is generally reserved for print material with inappropriate language or pictures.

Customers were baffled by the store’s action. “I was flabbergasted. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe it,” said shopper Walter Indyk. “I was like ‘This guy’s going to be the President. They have the nerve to cover his picture up at the check out aisle?’”

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