Court: Sexual Predators Protected By the 1st Amendment…2nd Amendment For Law Abiding? Still Ok To Infringe


by Tony Oliva

It boggles the mind sometimes when I hear how judges rule things. But a case in which a judge actually defended a case of a sexual predator who was taking photos up women’s skirts takes the cake.

On Wednesday, the highest Criminal Court in Texas, tossed out part of a law that sought to criminalize the improper photographing of video recording of images commonly referred to as “upskirting” or “downblousing”. Basically taking a photo up a woman’s skirt or down her shirt. First of all, I’m shocked that crawling under a woman and sticking a camera between her legs and taking a snapshot ISN’T a crime everywhere.

Secondly that I am shocked that the Texas court ruled such a law is unconstitutional and did so in a ruling of 8-1.

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