Courageous Saints in an Age of Spineless Wonders


I have written often before about a church paralyzed with fear, cowardice, compromise and conformity to the world. Where are the heroes who will stand against the surrounding pagan culture and stand strong for Jesus? And where are the godly men who will take a stand? Why does it always seem to be women who are standing up and showing some Holy Ghost boldness?

I have written before about brave Christine Weick, and how she basically single-handedly took on the Muslim takeover of a Christian church in Washington DC last year:

Well, it seems she is at it again. I want very much to say that she has more courage than most men I know. She has far more testicular fortitude than the great majority of folks in our pews – and pulpits – today. I say she is a champion. I would much rather have one of her (as imperfect as she may well be) than a hundred of our typical Christian church mice men who will never rock the boat, never speak up, and never risk anything for Jesus Christ.

So what is it that she has done this time? Well, she is again proclaiming Jesus Christ when Muslims are trying to take over a once great Christian nation. One news report put it this way:
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