Country Music Stars Mock Obamacare — Cries of Racism Ensue


by Onan Coca

They should have seen it coming. Whenever anyone attempts to mock liberalism, the vast unwashed masses are quick to respond. Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley may not have realized that. Sure, in recent days everyone has been making fun of the Obamacare disaster – from Saturday Night Live to Jon Stewart to the folks on the nightly news. However, none of those mockers sing country music. And if you sing country music, you must be from the south, and if you’re from the south, then you must be a Republican, and if you’re a Republican, then you must be a racist. Don’t you get it Carrie and Brad? It’s simple math.

Well, why don’t I let you decide for yourself? Are these two wonderful country music stars making fun of President Obama, or of the unmitigated disaster that the Obamacare rollout has been?

What? You didn’t hear any racist undertones? You didn’t feel the fiery flames of hatred pouring out of that telecast? You didn’t see the racist way those two rich, white people were moving?

That’s because racism wasn’t a factor. Not even one iota.

Sadly, that didn’t keep the rabid, foaming at the mouth liberal hatemongers from spreading their uneducated and slanderous lies. (Warning some of the language ahead is a bit… salty.)

cma tweet

Sadly, it seems that many of the folks judging the CMA’s for making light of the problems that Obamacare is having didn’t actually watch the telecast. There were no attacks on the President, just simple fun being poked at the mess associated with Obamacare.

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