Costco, Christmas, Duck Dynasty! Vital Skirmishes in Culture War


By Steve Pauwels

We tiresome, “Bible-thumper” types recently have collected a handful of fresh notches on our “culture war” belt, some carrying more “oomph” than others. One of the more modest wins – although, increasingly, I’m concluding they all play their crucial role — was Costco’s commendable decision to correct one store’s allegedly unintentional decision to label copies of the Bible as “Fiction”. Placement in the “Religion” category, obviously, would be more appropriate. And why not sprinkle a few among the “History” tomes? They also belong there, of course.

Again, one Costco outlet’s reclassifying a few printings of Holy Writ does not, admittedly, a seismic, cultural-front victory make. Taken in isolation? It’s, honestly, relatively small potatoes. But, coalescing with other outbreaks of society’s broadening animosity toward all things religious? Particularly, all things Christian? That’s another matter:

– Team ACLU’s insisting “God” remain unmentioned in recitations of the Pledge of Allegiance or during high school graduation speeches
– Prayer floridly verboten in the classroom, at football games, or during town-hall meetings
– Religious convictions ruthlessly quashed in public-policy debates (see: Obamacare’s Abortion-Contraception mandate, etc.)
– Bible-based opinions shushed from polite company or from any open discussion (see: Duck Dynasty‘s Phil Robertson)

All of these — and more — factored in with the relatively minor Costco/Bible episode? Suddenly, that latter contretemps sprouts legs.

No big deal, you still insist? The Secular-Progressive set rub their prayerless mitts with glee when the pious respond that way to these anti-God forays. Go head, giggle derisively with John Stewart at the notion of ”The War on Christmas”. By all means, along with O’Reilly Factor regular Bernie Goldberg airily dismiss it as a non-issue.

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