“Cosmos” Mini-Series Challenges Biblical View of Creation


I’d like to credit astrophysicists Neil deGrasse Tyson, the telegenic, congenial, intellectually gifted host of the updated “Cosmos” program for opening up the universe to TV viewers. As an amateur astronomer, I’ve been watching and listening to him for years. The late Carl Sagan, who hosted the original “Cosmos,” would be very proud and pleased with what Tyson has offered up. Sagan’s wife Ann Druyan, is a consultant to the new version, which runs on Fox now every Sunday night.

I’m an amateur astronomer, and I’m also a practicing Roman Catholic who believes the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a real event in human history. I also believe there is scientific evidence that points to a benevolent creator. At the same time, I think Tyson is quite right to point out that the Bible should not be viewed as a scientific text. Instead, it communicates timeless truths that cut across human history. In many respects, the “Big Bang” is indicative of a definitive beginning to the universe that intersects with the creation story in “Genesis.”

“Let there be light.”

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