Corrupt IRS Rehires Hundreds of Former Corrupt Employees


If I was to ask you what government agency or department was the most corrupt, what would you answer? I asked myself that question and instantly thought of the White House, Justice Department, National Security Agency, Congress, Transportation Security Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. I’m not sure I could narrow that field of choices down as I truly believe that they are all very corrupt.

I’ve written about all of these agencies and departments, but today I once again want to concentrate on the one super corrupt agency. Not only has this government entity been abusing its powers to steal millions of dollars from taxpayers and attack conservative and Christian organizations but now they appear to be girding themselves for a new round of corruption.

Meet the IRS, often referred to as the Infernal Revenue Service.

Like every other large employer, the IRS has had its share of problem employees that have nothing to do with the scandals we’ve all heard about. Face it, we live in a sin-cursed world where ‘every intention of the thoughts of his (mankind’s) heart was only evil continually’ (Gen. 6:5).
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