The Correlation of Mentalities Between Planet Fitness and Gun Haters


In case you haven’t heard, mainly because you work out at a gym that doesn’t encourage laziness, sloth and in general flabby weakness, Planet Fitness has banned squat racks from their establishments.

You can read more on that here: Gym Removes Squat Racks for Being ‘Intimidating’ to Squishy Clients

Now, don’t get me wrong, fat or weak people shouldn’t be mocked or humiliated at a gym when they are trying to better themselves but the idea that in order to do so you must undercut other people who wish to improve themselves is ridiculous.

I think treadmills are stupid. Many people get on the hamster wheel and take a leisurely stroll and think they are actually working out. Do I think treadmills should be banned from gyms? No, if someone wants to waste their time with it, it’s no skin off my nose.

But if I want to get a good leg workout in that also strengthens the core and back who are these “intimidated” namby pambies to tell me that I shouldn’t be allowed to. Why does their weak will trump my desire to maximize my workout?

It is THAT notion that permeates through Planet Fitness to the rabid gun haters.

As an open carrier I sometimes run across people in Pittsburgh that say some off handed remark under their breath about how guns shouldn’t be allowed.

Sometimes not even under their breath people tell me that I shouldn’t be allowed to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights because it makes THEM uncomfortable.

To that I simply say, “who the hell cares?” Their comfort doesn’t trump my right not to be brutally murdered after being forcibly disarmed by the government.

If they are intimidated that is more on their weakness for having a delicate constitution and their bigotry than it is on anything else.

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