Cops are now stealing their OWN guns


by Tony Oliva

Far too often you hear cases about law abiding citizens having their guns confiscated by police officers never to have them returned. While this appears to happen in mostly anti gun states like California the idea that shady characters can act with impunity behind a badge effects all 50 states.

Let us not forget to point out with healthy skepticism, the notion that police officers who run the gun control scheme of “gun buybacks” are really going to let a $10,000 gun or rifle go to the smelter. No, they are going to hand the schmuck who is pawning ol grampa’s WWII memento for a $25 gift certificate to Bed Bath and Beyond while the officer (or dept) is adding that same rifle to his own personal collection, if he doesn’t sell it outright.

So it comes at NO surprise to me that according to the Pentagon, police officers are stealing the firearms that are being supplied to them by the Defense Department.

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