Cop’s Lives Matter Too


It is only May and already 11 police officers in America have been gunned down by vicious killers. The latest two—Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate—were shot while making a routine traffic stop in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Yet, there are no marches in support of police officers and no protestors wearing T-shirts proclaiming “Cops Lives Matter.” Apparently to Al Sharpton, Malik Shabaz, and the usual cast of race-hustling characters who foment looting, arson, and violence whenever a young black man is shot by a police officer, cop’s lives don’t matter—even when the cop is black. This is a sad commentary on the double-standard that exists in American society today.

Since the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson protests against supposed over-zealous police departments have sprung up in several large cities. Of course, in each case Al Sharpton has performed his usual dance in front of the cameras, exploiting the black community for fun and profit. Anti-police protestors have taken to wearing T-shirts inscribed with the message “Black Lives Matter.” I have no problem with the T-shirts or the message. Black lives do matter. But I do have a couple of questions for those who wear these T-shirts: 1) Do black lives still matter if the black individual killed is a police officer?, and 2) Do the lives of police officers of any race matter? If the lives of black police officers or police officers in general do matter, where are the protests when a police officer is killed in the line of duty—something that happens six times more often than a police officer killing a black suspect?
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