Conversations with Liberals & Protecting students with GUNS!


Recounting a conversations with Liberals. Have you ever tried this? They demand reparations to blacks for slavery. Who’s going to pay for it? Whites. Forget the fact that my white ancestors had NOTHING to do with slavery. Oh… and aliens are real. Nevermind, that they’ve never seen one and they have no more scientific evidence that they exist than God. But aliens are real… and I’m a flaming idiot who’s possibly insane for simply believing that God exists.

I have plenty of proof God exists, including the fact that my first son should be dead, or at the very least, permanently injured after an accident when he was 18 months old.

Liberal reporter decides to document how easy it is to get an AR-15-style assault rifle. Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t so easy. He was denied. Seems they don’t like to sell guns to people with a history of domestic violence.

A Pennsylvania School Board takes student safety seriously, so they’re putting armed police officers in all schools to ensure they’re protected. Because kids are our most valuable commodity.

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