Controversial SNL Alumni


by Victoria Jackson

Let’s see what the Huff Po considers “controversial.”

In a story here about Miley Cyrus offending “stroke victims” by joking about her tongue being continually outside of her mouth, somehow the Huffington Post managed to diss me yet again, simply because I love America, the Constitution, and the Bible. Huff Po included me in a list of “controversial SNL cast members.” Here is their list:

Rob Schneider is against government-mandated vaccines believing they can lead to autism. (He’s also a conservative)

Jon Lovitz disagreed with Obama’s tax policies, saying the “rich” do pay enough taxes, and Obama is not a king. (conservative idea)

Victoria Jackson compared Obama to Hitler (they both started their reign with socialized medicine), said Rush Limbaugh should be president, believes homosexual themes should not be in prime time TV shows, and says Islam is a threat to America, our safety and our freedom. (Outspoken Conservative) (Huff Po called me “homophobic” and my words “off color” although I never use profanity and am not afraid of gay people)

Chris Rock called the 4th of July “Independence Day for White People” and he did a shocking Academy Awards monologue.

Chevy Chase had a public feud and profanity-laced voicemails with his TV boss, Dan Harmon.

Gilbert Gottfried tweeted jokes about Japan’s tsunami. (politically incorrect: censorship)

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