Contempt of Congress? These Days, It’s No Big Thing


The most powerful woman in the world, Hillary Clinton, officially announced on Sunday her intention to run for president, a move that surprised no one. It would be difficult not to notice that she’s been campaigning for the better part of twenty years. In other shocking news, water is wet.

America must really be the land of second chances. Barely two weeks ago Hillary Clinton obliterated every “0” and “1” on the home email server she had used for official State Department business and today she is the front runner for the 2016 presidential race.

According to Hillary, her life is an open book. “I want the public to see my email,” she tweeted less than a month before dumping the data. Don’t believe her? Stop with the conspiracy theories! There’s nothing shady about keeping a secret email server at home and wiping it after a congressional committee subpoenas it.

In a sane world, destroying subpoenaed evidence would end a politician’s career. What Hillary Clinton did was a crime yet she won’t pay any legal penalty any everyone knows it. She’ll play it off, deriding it as a FOX News story that only the nutroots still talk about. “Email server” will probably become a sexist code word, much the same way that “Obamacare,” “golf,” and “apartment” have become racist code words during the Obama years. Hillary will intimidate those few reporters who have the nerve to ask her about it and she will then waltz effortlessly to the Democratic nomination, if not the White House.
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