Constitutional Requirement to Shut Down Mosques as Hate Groups


It is an Islamist’s duty to transform all governments to Shari’a Law– which is why mosques act primarily as political centers, not “religious” institutions.

According to the Center for Security Policy, 81 percent of all mosques in America distribute imam-promoted literature that encourages violence as part of advancing Islam. According to the Center’s survey results, data, and calculations, the majority of men who attend mosques on a weekly basis attend mosques that promote jihad.

Because the imam-distributed material classifies as hate speech, many Islamic organizations affiliated with and/or funding/managing mosques can be classified as “hate groups.” More importantly, they can also be shut down.

The Qur’an is the only “religious book” that requires its followers to target andkill certain people— solely based on their ethnicity and religious belief and/or affiliation.

Even if considered “religious,” no rational assertion can claim Islam does not incite violence. Because violence is integral to Islam, Islam itself violates the U.S. Constitution.


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