Conservatives Should Be Thanking Ted Cruz And Mike Lee For Omnibus Fight


It’s that time of year again.

Establishment Republicans have once again turned against their conservative colleague Ted Cruz (R-TX), and this time are upset with his fellow conservative Mike Lee (R-UT). Last year, the problem was Cruz’s role in the government shut down over concerns about the horrible budget plan from Democrats. This year, the problem is Cruz’s role in fighting the horrible omnibus budget bill that the GOP has joined with Democrats to push.

GOP establishment leaders said that Cruz’s push to stop the omnibus on the grounds that it funds illegal government actions, like President Obama’s amnesty, was not the best way to handle that battle.

GOP leader John Cornyn (R-TX) said, “There was nothing unconstitutional about the appropriation bill, and so people like me voted no even though we’re as outraged as any about the president’s executive action. I just think there are other opportunities that’ll be more effective. So, this is a beginning not the end.”

For his part, Cruz plans to hold the leadership to their word.

“Next year we will have the opportunity to take Republican leaders at their word. The leadership in both the House and the Senate have committed that the purpose of this so-called cromnibus is to fund the federal government and then to set up a limited spending restriction on the funding for the Department of Homeland Security…in February of next year to stop the president’s illegal amnesty.”


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