by David L. Goetsch

In my younger days, a radical was someone whose views were well outside of the mainstream of traditional thought, and an extremist was someone whose views were even farther afield than those of a radical. Consequently, it is a little disconcerting for me to hear conservatives labeled by liberals as extremists. After all, those of us who wear the conservative brand are the standard bearers of traditional thought. Unlike liberals, our belief system does not change like the weather. We believe in a set of unchanging values that are foundational in our lives, values that transcend changes in socio-cultural mores, technological developments, and political thought. This being the case, why is the Obama administration making such an effort to label conservatives as extremists?

If you pay attention to the pointedly provocative words used by President Obama and his henchmen to describe those who oppose his bedrock issues—abortion, same-sex-marriage, unlimited spending, an ever-increasing debt ceiling, and Obamacare—you would think they were talking about international terrorists. In fact, according to Katie Pavlich (Townhall, November, 2013), “When it comes to dirty politics, the White House and its allies in Congress are more than willing to liken their fellow Americans to suicide bombers, anarchists, and arsonists…” To make her point, Pavlich quotes Nancy Pelosi as referring to Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives as “legislative arsonists,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid referring to his Republican colleagues as “tea party arsonists,” and White House Senior Strategy and Communications Advisor Dan Pfeiffer referring to Republicans as “people with a bomb strapped to their chest.”

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