Conservatives, Don’t You Just HATE Women and Gays?


Oh, man. I’m already preparing myself for the myriad of internet busybodies who are going to take my title choice at face value and think that I’m serious. Of course you don’t hate them. If you do, you’re kind of…a jerk.

I’ve been reading this handy little booklet called “Right Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left” and stopped at Lie #8: Conservatives Hate Women and Gays. This mini-chapter speaks about RINOs (once known as Rockefeller Republicans) – the odd group that defines themselves as “economically conservative, but socially liberal.” And then, the booklet’s author, David L. Goetsch, said something I didn’t expect.

Goetsch basically said that fighting against these social issues in the legal realm won’t solve the problem. Why? Because people against abortion and gay marriage argue their position through the lens of their Christian faith. Bottom line – abortion and gay marriage are not actually political issues.

I have said, for years, that abortion isn’t a political issue, but I’ve never thought of that as applying to gay marriage. I have definitely always agreed with the author’s sentiments in suggesting that we need to focus on hearts, not laws, when it comes to these issues. But, here lies the problem – abortion and gay marriage may not be political issues, but they are government regulated…so, they actually are political issues.

Shouldn’t be. But…are.

I think that’s why liberals and pro-choice/pro-gay marriage people are so annoyed with us. Because we argue our side on these issues using…the Bible…that they don’t believe in. Makes sense. If someone argued about the education system using their Koran to help me reason through it…I’d…probably react the same way the liberals are to us.

Christians do need to defend their values – in the legal realm and every other. But, I think they’d (we’d) all benefit from taking Goetsh’s advice:

“We must decide if we want to make noise or make progress.”

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