Conservatives Can Have Bleeding Hearts Too


I’ve got ex-Christian ex-Conservative Facebook friends who leave status updates that spit on beliefs all the time. One of the biggest issues that they bring up is how hypocritical Christians are to not care about poverty and homelessness.

I am equally disappointed in Christians who literally don’t care about those less fortunate. Being a Christian is all about loving and caring for others, but the misunderstanding here is that liberals or ex-conservatives like the friends I’m talking about, think that we don’t want to be involved.

That’s not the case. We simply don’t want the government to be involved.

In a great little booklet called “The Right Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left,” author David Goetsh spits it out so simply, stating,

“With any and all problems the immediate response of liberals is to look to the government for the solution. Aided and abetted by the left-leaning media and government schools, liberals have been successful in convincing a broad cross-section of Americans that government is the universal solver of all human problems.”

Can I get a “heck no!”

Heck no.

President Lydnon Johnson enacted the “War on Poverty” in the 1960s and since then, homelessness and poverty have gotten worse. The federal government has dished out $13 TRILLION dollars to over 120 anti-poverty programs since Johnson’s declared “war.” And, what has it done – increased those living in poverty and on the streets.


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