For Conservatives, It’s All About 2016, And That Starts In 2015


Republicans won big in the 2014 midterm election, but it already looks as if conservatives still lost.

Just look at what’s transpired the past few weeks:

  • The GOP establishment moved quickly to retain all their leadership positions before the new Congress is convened in January, thus shutting conservatives completely out of the mix.
  • That same GOP leadership has already funded every Obama scam they promised the American people during the campaign they would stop, scheming alongside a president they keep describing as “lawless” to pass the so-called “Cromnibus.”
  • Only 21 Republicans in the U.S. Senate went on the record that Mr. Obama’s executive amnesty is unconstitutional (none of them were in GOP Senate leadership), and nine of those 21 then turned right around and voted to fund something they just voted as unconstitutional.
    All of this renders the expensive escapade known as the 2014 election utterly meaningless if you’re an American patriot. That is unless you prefer your Marxist Progressivism to come from an elephant instead of a donkey.

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