Conservative Confession: I’m Still in Love with the Romneys


by Spencer Brown

Yes, it’s true – I’ve had a hard time letting go of my favorite Mormons.

Is it natural? Probably not.

But after working pretty much non-stop in pursuit of a Romney Presidency last fall, seeing Mitt (and sometimes Ann) almost weekly at rallies in the tidewater region of Virginia, and constantly seeing various members of the Romney clan on TV, it was hard when they practically vanished from public view after Mitt’s surprising (to me at least) loss on election day.

That night, I crumpled into a heap as I realized everything I had been working on had come up short, and the realization that another 4 years of the Obama administration was at hand did more damage still.

Since then, anytime I hear “Born Free” by Kid Rock (Governor Romney’s walk-out song at all his rallies), I have to take a moment to compose myself and move on. It sounds silly, but I heard that song many times, and every time I did, it was another crazy experience and flurry of political activity.

So now, almost a year after the immense let down that was November 6th, 2012, I thought I had moved on.
More campaigns had come my way, and the my Romney-complex was coming to be a distant memory.

But my love of all things Romney was refreshed when I woke up one morning to see Ann Romney on Good Morning America, as ready to be a First Lady as she was this time a year ago. Her new cookbook, ‘The Romney Family Table,’ has created a resurgence of media attention for, and a resurgence in my obsession with, the Romney clan.

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