The Consequences of Being a Shortsighted Nation


by Lydia Goodman

Shortsighted: Part of Speech: Adjective
Definition: unmindful of future consequences
Synonyms: astigmatic, blind, careless, foolish, headlong, ill-advised, ill-considered, imperceptive, impolitic, impractical, improvident, rash, stupid, unsagacious, unwary
Antonyms: careful, longsighted, prudent, thoughtful, wise

We have become a myopic nation, a nation that is so divided against itself that civility, respect, strength of character, honor, and decency are words that have become almost obsolete in our quest for instant gratification (we want what we want-when we want it). There is only the “now” and how it benefits us. In our shortsightedness, we have refused to see the “forest for the trees”, with no thought for the future.

Some watch cynically as our government opts to play the blame game, choosing sides, pointing fingers, and calling names, ducking back and forth with their lies-as if they were involved in a vicious game of dodge ball–with our President as the captain. Others cheer or boo from the sidelines, as each point scored by “their side” convinces them of victory over their opponent.

Then, there are those who watch these machinations silently, in a state of futility.

Look again at the definition of “shortsighted”. Being shortsighted is not a matter of “unknowing” future consequences but rather being “unmindful” of them. It is a choice. Why would anyone knowingly choose to be shortsighted? There are those that simply don’t care as long as nothing upsets their gravy train. Others turn their heads in an effort to avoid seeing anything unpleasant. Don’t be fooled for a moment that our government and its leaders are unaware of our calculated blindness. They, in fact, count on it. The evidence is in their decision-making and their ridiculing, sweeping condemnation of anyone that disagrees with them.

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