The consequence of black liberals kowtowing to white masters


by Allen West

One of the many insidious monikers hurled at black conservatives is “sellout.” Black liberals who fear the rise of independent-thinking blacks are threatened by those of us who refuse to be stuck on the 21st century economic plantation of the white progressive socialists.

I find it absolutely disgusting how the black community continues to fawn over a person who took it upon himself to make one of his first decrees the cancellation of the DC school voucher program for young deserving black children. That person of course is President Barack Obama.

And his policies continue to damage the black community. Case in point: Tom Allison of the Huffington Post shows the abject decimation of opportunity for young blacks ages 16-24.

Allison writes:

Nearly one in four black 16- to 24-year-olds was out of work in November, compared to only about one in ten white workers in the same age group.

In other words, as we enter the sixth year of the Obama economy, the failed economic policies of the “first black president” are exacerbating the unemployment of all black Americans. While Obama is yukking it up taking “selfies” at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows in November 2013 black workers aged 25 to 34 had an unemployment rate of 13.6 percent. A year ago the rate was 12.7 percent. This is more than double the rate of white workers in the same age group at 5.9 percent.

Black workers have consistently seen higher unemployment rates that whites, but these numbers are certainly disturbing, and epidemic.

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