Connecticut: RCA… Registration, Confiscation, Tyranny, Annihilation


by Jan Morgan


Americans standing in line like sheep led to the slaughter….

It is difficult for me to believe this is actually happening in America.

What a sad testimony on the ill-informed and weakness of that state’s people.
This is what happens when good people remain silent and bad people take control of a population in the form of an abusive government.

After all, we do understand, these new gun control laws in Connecticut WILL NOT affect the criminals and crazies who seek or already own guns.

Gun Control laws only affect law abiding citizens who are not the source of the problem.
Apparently the people of Connecticut do not know history.
Registration leads to confiscation. Confiscation leads to Tyranny.
In the 20th century, over 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED.

The next round of provisions from Senate Bill 1160 (now Public Act 13-3), passed by the Connecticut General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Dan Malloy (D), took effect this week.


All lawfully possessed magazines that can hold more than ten rounds must be registered with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) by January 1, 2014.
* Any non-resident who moves into Connecticut after January 1, 2014, will have ninety days to permanently disable, sell to a gun dealer or take out of state, any magazine that can hold more than ten rounds.

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