Condoning Black Racism at Boston University: America’s Double Standard


Boston University has created a red-hot controversy by hiring a new professor of sociology and African-American studies.   Normally the hiring of a college professor is hardly news, but when the professor in question is a known racist the picture changes. But what if the racist in question is a black female with a long record of making derogatory and stereotypical comments about white men? Saida Grundy has made her bias against white males abundantly clear in Twitter messages over the past few months; messages that show she harbors a mile-wide streak of racial bias against white men. The kindest thing Grundy has had to say about white males is that they are a “problem population.” Other comments made by Boston University’s newest racist in residence include this one: “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses.”

If Professor Grundy included a lesson on the Civil Rights Movement as part of her course on African-American Studies she would be forced to admit a couple of inconvenient facts. First she would have to admit that Martin Luther King, Jr. and his followers were trying to win the right to shop in white-owned businesses, not avoid them. Second, she would have to admit that many of Dr. King’s most effective campaigns were financed by white men, including Nelson Rockefeller, and that white men and women participated in every protest march Dr. King organized. White men bled and died fighting alongside Dr. King in Selma, Birmingham, and Montgomery in the cause of Civil Rights and racial equality. White men were taunted, humiliated, and even beaten alongside black protestors during sit-ins and freedom rides in the 1960s. When Mississippi was “burning,” white civil rights workers were murdered alongside black workers and their bodies were thrown into the same excavation pit. One can only wonder what “problem” Professor Grundy attributes to these white men who were martyred in the cause of Civil Rights.

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