Communists and snow plows


“To plow or not to plow” by J. Ivey

Apparently Upper East Siders (UES) in NYC think they’re getting the shaft instead of the plow from De Blasio.

What they’re really getting is a taste of communist rule. As most of you probably know, the UES is considered wealthy, and conservative by NYC standards. The residents are demographically older — this is Old Money.

Why would they possibly think De Blasio would specifically pass up their neighborhood?

A few weeks ago, right around the time of his inauguration when touting his new urban utopia, De Blasio said that certain neighborhoods would not be singled out for plowing or not plowing. He essentially said “all neighborhoods would be plowed equally.”

I’m now glad he said it, because here we are, halfway through January, in the biggest snowstorm of the season thus far, and we all get a chance to see what this “equal plowing” looks like.

Salt, snow plows and the people who operate and manage them are all finite resources. Unless you had a plow for every city block, there’s no way you could ever approach anything close to equality of the plow. Therefore, a manager must make choices regarding how to distribute these finite resources.

A capable and pragmatic manager would decide discriminately where these resources would serve the greatest good for the greatest number of people. A smart decision would be to start with centers of commerce and the roads leading in to them.

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