Common Core’s latest target will delight its liberal defenders


Whenever the liberal establishment launches a new crusade to brainwash our children under the guise of Common Core education, defenders of the theory will remind critics that the full name is the Common Core Curriculum Standards. The initiative, they will assert, provides a neutral template to be fleshed out with lesson plans that teach math or writing or some other essential skill. If the lesson plan happens to teach that the Holocaust is a myth or that white people are inherently evil or that global warming is indisputable and 100% man-made, it’s not the fault of the federal government — it’s just a coincidence.

The latest coincidence is a lesson about guns courtesy of public television station KQED that just happens to hew to the leftist argument that gun ownership (like white people) is inherently evil. You’d never guess that from the title, which is “The Battle Over Gun Control.” Even the first two sentences of the introductory paragraph are relatively neutral:

Gun control is among the most divisive issues in American politics today. For many, it boils down to a basic debate over priorities: the constitutional right to bear arms and protect oneself vs. an effort to reduce violence.

Then comes this:

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