Common Core Math: Unicorns & Magic


by Macey France

Last week I wrote about part of a presentation given to guests in a Parent Led Reform Oregon hosted Common Core informational meeting.

These meetings tell you the real story of Common Core and how it works. Most parents are relieved to finally see the things they’ve been experiencing with their children’s homework actually talked about openly and explained to them like the adults that they are.

Many district informational meetings talk about college and career readiness, equity between knowledge and resources (aka: money), and a lot of really flowery language that give you no idea of how the Common Core looks on the ground, in the classroom.

Our two PhD’s, Don Crawford and Chana Cox were joined by Joseph Cox and they presented a well thought out, easily understood PowerPoint that showed the differences between “traditional learning” and the new “rainbow and unicorn saving the world from all of its educational ills” Common Core.

I’m sure everyone has heard the stories of children working together in groups of four, collaborating on how to solve problems and then coming to a consensus as to the correct answer. The teacher basically facilitates these math classes and kids teach themselves for the most part.

There are also crazy worksheets sent home that make no sense to some parents:


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