Common Core Creator Friends w/ Terrorist William Ayers?


by Victoria Jackson

These “Commies” all stick together. And, they want to control the minds of our children. Here’s an article that ties together the Communist friends of Common Core creator David Coleman.

“The Gates Foundation provided a $489,453 grant to the George Soros/Obama mouthpiece, the Center for American Progress, “to help communicate the importance of education reforms and support progressive states seeking to implement them.”

Gates and Soros are tied up in this Obama/Ayers/Annenberg/Coleman goal of brainwashing this generation into a global communist government.

Common Core is their powerful tool to;
1) indoctrinate our children into Secular Humanism, Anti-Christian, Anti-American, Socialism, Marxism, Islam, and Homosexual ideology,
2) lower learning standards,
3) establish a data base for total government control of U.S. citizens,
4) push “Regionalism,” aiding the U.N. goal of Agenda 21 and worldwide redistribution of wealth.

Here is a great article on the evils of Common Core and how it’s propaganda of Communism/Marxism, Regionalism, and Globalism are all tied together.

“The fact that Grow Network has history with the Ayers/Obama/Annenberg led Chicago school system, and was recruited by the Ayers/Obama/Annenberg created Chicago Public Education Fund, doesn’t necessarily implicate David Coleman and Jason Zimba as supporters of Chicago’s radically progressive style of education. However, given Coleman’s progressive upbringing and the fact that CPS paid more than $2 million to bring his untested and unproven program to the district, it does seem likely that Coleman and Zimba had prior connections to the Chicago ed machine.”

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