When Did Comedy Become So Un-Funny?


by Leslie Deinhammer

In case it has gone unnoticed, comedy has gone evangelical. The comedic activist has permeated the holiest of holies, big government, to help the elected shape the message. The message being we live in a reality of our own making, mistakes are not our own, there is nothing to see here and it’s Bush’s fault.

Artists who used to unite for Gilda’s Club now machinate with NGOs such as 350.org to excoriate climate change deniers and fundraise for non-profits like LivingLiberally.org to mobilize “First Amendment enthusiasts to try their hands at the Second.”

Activists clamor at the Netroots Nation and the National Media Reform conferences to absorb dictates from the “Shifting Culture Through Storytelling, Media Making and Collaboration” breakout sessions and panels on “Satire and Progressive Politics – the use of comedy to advance a progressive agenda.” It’s a regular cornucopia of talk to the hand, I mean, talk to the angry, clinched fist types. Very funny.

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