Comcast Rescues Obama with Chris Matthews Interview


by Deneen Borelli

The left-wing media establishment is in full defend Obama mode.

With sinking poll numbers, especially in key demographic groups such as Hispanics and young voters, team Obama is desperate to generate any positive media traction to stop him from slipping into the political abyss.

Looking to change the trajectory of his presidency, Obama is going on the offensive to promote the advantages of ObamaCare.

Given that backdrop, it’s not surprising to see that Obama wanted to be interviewed by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Matthews adores Obama and he has aggressively used his program, Hardball, to defend the president including frequently using the race card. Read more here

Moreover, recall that Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is Obama’s friend. Comcast owns NBCUniversal the company that runs NBC and MSNBC among other cable TV stations. Read more about the Roberts and Obama friendship here.

Friendly turf is what Obama needed and that’s what he got by going on MSNBC.

The coordination between Comcast-run MSNBC is truly alarming. While an objective and aggressive media is crucial for keeping the government in check, a submissive press threatens our liberty.

Matthews’ interview was clearly an easy one for Obama.

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