Colorado’s Recall Trifecta


by Carisa Zglobicki

On November 27, 2013, Senator Evie Hudak decided (whether by coin flip or not is up to speculation) to resign from office rather than face the mounting successful recall effort that was reignited in September. She didn’t even care enough to attend a support rally today as her resignation hit the news. This just continues her tradition of not caring about the people in her district whether they are for her or against. On the other hand, many politicians including Senator Greg Brophy R-District 1 (candidate for governor), Tom Tancredo (candidate for Governor), newly elected George Rivera R-District 3 (from the successful Giron recall in Sept), Vicki Marble R – District 23, and Owen Hill R-District 10 among others stood toe to toe with recall volunteers throughout the effort.

This decision came with quite the price tag as recent reporting showed that grassroots recall activists were already outspent nearly 2:1 by unions, I mean, Hudak supporters. Scare tactics included door hangers calling petition volunteers felons, and reverse 911-like robo calls. They certainly spent their money’s worth. While this marks a victory in ousting Hudak from office, it is also a very clear message from the Democrat establishment that power trumps all else as had the recall moved forward (all indications from the Recall Hudak Too office suggests that it would have been overwhelmingly successful) and she lost the election it also would have turned control of the Colorado senate to the Republicans…and they certainly can’t have that. Sen. Hudak D-Westminster stated in her resignation letter: “By resigning I am protecting these important new laws for the good of Colorado and ensuring that we can continue looking forward,” In other words, we cannot allow the people to have any say regarding the overturning of these completely overreaching gun laws in the upcoming 2014 state legislation session.

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